Membership in the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta (SAA) is open to anyone interested in sculpture student, amateur, professional or sculpture aficionado. Any member can be elected to the board and mold the future of our association. All members are encouraged to participate according to their availability and skills.

Membership in the SAA is $40.00 a year. We offer 50% off our membership to students who are currently enrolled or a recent graduate of an Arts Program. Fee includes email newsletter, website promotion, exhibition opportunities, workshop opportunities, meetings, events and more .

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Ellie Shuster: President |  Robert Woodbury: Vice President  | Helen Rogers/Jerry Nason: Directors – Workshops |  Andrew McCaffrey: Director – Exhibition |  Barbra Marcinkoski: Director – Ice and Snow |  Keith Turnbull: Director – Programming |  Maria Koulouris: Administrator |  Marjorie Davies: Newsletter Editor | Larry Andreoff: Director – Finance & Website

Members CV and Galleries:

  • artist Larry Andreoff
    Larry Andreoff
  • Ellie Shuster portrait sculptor
    Ellie Shuster
  • Inner Vessel - sculptor Ben Oswald
    Benjamin Oswald
  • sculptor Keith Turnbull
    Keith Turnbull
  • sculptor Pat Galbraith
    Pat Galbraith
  • sculptor Fran Cuyler
    Fran Cuyler
  • ice sculptor Yi Yi Datar
    Yi Yi Datar
  • sculptor Marjorie Davies
    Marjorie Davies
  • sculptor Tania Garner Tomas
    Tania Garner-Tomas
  • sculptor Edmond Haakonson
    Edmund Haakonson
  • sculptor Zazo Hajdu
    Zazo Hajdu
  • ice and snow sculptor Eileen Heider
    Eileen Heider
  • sculptor William Johnson
    William Johnson
  • sculptor Beata Kurpinski
    Beata Kurpinski
  • sculptor Sharon Moore-Foster
    Sharon Moore-Foster
  • sculptor Jerry Nason
    Gerry Nason
  • sculptor Helen Rogers
    Helen Rogers
  • snow sculptor Ritchie Velthuis
    Ritchie Velthuis
  • sculptor Robert Woodbury
    Robert Woodbury
  • sculptor Heinz Zadler
    Heinz Zadler
  • ice sculptor Barbra Marcinkoski
    Barbara Marcinkoski
  • ivan ongaro sculpture
    Ivano Ongaro
  • Sculptor Krista Acheson
    Krista Acheson
  • sculpture by Rosemary A-Smith
    Rosemary A Smith
  • Richard Selfridge ceramic artist
    Richard Selfridge
  • sculptor Carroll Charest
    Carroll Charest
  • Hooded Figure sculptor Gordon Pengilly
    Gordon Pengilly

photo: Original SAA Members

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