sculptor Al Henderson

Al Henderson

“Right now everything I do seems to be about my identity as an individual and as a member of a group.  I’m a Canadian, a Henderson, a part of this or that organization, but as I fall asleep each night I’m very aware that ultimately I’m on my own.  So this colours everything I do now, what subjects to look at, how I choose to approach them … I am two different things at the same time, individually and collectively here.  That’s what I am working with now in my art and in my life – getting that balance right.”


Al Henderson is a Canadian artist whose sculptures range from handheld pieces to public monuments. His work focuses on the representation of a subject and the nature of representation itself.
He began sculpting by leaving school to open a studio in the Old Grain Exchange building in downtown Calgary, moved from the city to a log home in the woods of central Alberta and eventually settled in St. Albert. His interest in the use of the figure in art is fuelled by his own culture and his travels around the world both as a soldier and on his own. His most recent works comprise the exhibition, Light Horse Tales of an Afghan War, which offers a look at how we remember war both as individuals and as a people.

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