Inner Vessel - sculptor Ben Oswald

Benjamin Oswald

“You are only thinking when you can’t think out fully what you are trying to think about.” …Goethe


Benjamin Oswald is a Canadian ceramic artist and sculptor. During his childhood he made his first sculpture, a red glazed ceramic polar bear. Benjamin Oswald has enjoyed creating with his hands, from working with wood, ceramic and stone to drawing. Creating became more serious in university. In Washington, DC he explored the Hirshhorn Museum and sculpture garden at the Smithsonian Institution and fell in love with the sculpture of Henry Moore and the woodcuts of Picasso. These experiences deepened a desire to make things and explore shapes and the spaces they occupy. He earned a M.Ed. from the University of Alberta, then his training became more formalised with figurative sculpture and stone sculpture at Chunbok University in South Korea. He learned to think through his hands and his work in ceramic art and sculpture shows a process of materialising ideas, shapes, and the interactions between objects and space. His current studio is located in Western Canada.

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