ice and snow sculptor Christian Denis

Christian Denis


Christian Denis uses his art to express his emotions, thoughts and visions. By the age of 7, he used a multitude of mediums including pencils, charcoals, dry (chalk) pastels and paint on a variety of paper types. He also developed a knack for 3 dimensional works that started with huge Lego projects to modelling toys, to molding clay, to sculpting snow and ice. At eleven years of age, he began teaching various art forms and techniques to his classmates and some of his work was displayed publicly, including the gallery at Campus Saint-Jean (U of A), and the Art Gallery of Alberta.
Snow and ice sculpting are his preferred medium. From backyard projects with his daughters, he has progressed to carving out 8 foot tall snow sculptures at Snow Valley Ski Hill, ice sculptures at Sir Winston Churchill Square and the Silver Skate ice castle…. Now he works many winter festivals creating their site developments. Christian has also found success in ice and snow competitions i.e. Silver Skate Festival competition (in his first attempt in a competition which included professional sculptors from around the world) he was awarded 3rd place . Although snow and ice have been his primary focus, he expresses himself with paint. He has also joined forces with Ms. Daunia Del Ben and the Italian Theatre company “Teatro Dell’Eco” participating in the “Edmonton Garlic Festival” where theatre, classical music and painting were simultaneously performed live.. Mixing and performing painting and theatre simultaneously creates a new vision that any single art piece could never achieve.

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