Hooded Figure sculptor Gordon Pengilly

Gordon Pengilly

Gordon Pengilly Sculptor

Exploration of the human condition through artistic creation is what it’s about for me. Along with playwriting and fly-fishing my most enduring passion in life is sculpting. I have worked with wood, plastic, soapstone and most recently clay. Rodin observed that the interplay between subject and material in sculpture necessarily invokes sensuality. As I work with clay the veracity of that remark has never been so personal or intense. Through sculpting I challenge myself to create beauty from the deepest part of me, where the lovely language of form and space resides. My sculptures have been selected for several juried exhibitions since 2013, including: Beacon Original Art, Calyx Distinctive Art and State of Art Society. In 2015-16 my sculptures were chosen for group shows with the Leighton Arts CentreRoberto Ostberg Gallery and Midtowne Gallery. Recent and current exhibitions in 2017 include Gust Gallery, Waterton, Evanescence Gallery, High River, Calgary Stampede Art Gallery and Latitude Gallery. I live in Calgary with my wife Connie who is also a clay artist.

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