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Photo of Laval Bergeron Laval Bergeron

I was visiting a friend who had just returned from competing in China in 1992. We weregoing through pictures and when we came across the snow sculptures, I was totally amazed.

I asked my friend to come to St. Isidore to show us how to carve snow sculpture and since then, I have never looked back.…

Photo of Morton Burke Morton Burke

Morton Burke has lived in the Sundre and Bergen area most of his life. His interest in sculpting began with ice and snow sculptures on personal and community events. He began working in stone in 2005 when he was invited to participate in a symposium in Okotoks, Alberta. Since then, he has participated in 6 international symposia and his sculptures are installed in Vietnam, Russia, Canada, and Korea.…

Photo of Stephen Chung Stephen Chung

Stephen Chung is a Red Seal chef that has cooked all over the world including Belgium, Hong Kong, and Holland. As of 2021, he has ice and snow carved for 31 years and says that he’s still in love with it as if it was the first day.

Photo of Fran Cuyler Fran Cuyler

Fran’s career as a sculptor has encompassed a wide variety of experience, including working in stone, clay, snow, concrete, ice, fiberglass and bronze. She has achieved recognition as an art educator, highest honours in competition, project leadership, demonstration, competition judging and numerous solo and group exhibitions. A lifetime learner with boundless energy, Fran has a Master’s Degree in Art Education.…

Photo of YiYi Datar YiYi Datar Treasurer
Photo of Christian Denis Christian Denis
Photo of Warren Finlay Warren Finlay
Photo of Randall Fraser Randall Fraser

Randall Fraser is an Alberta artist with over 35 years of multi-disciplinary creativity. With a background in theatre set, props, costumes, and lighting, as well as carving wood, stone, ice and snow, as well as fire sculpting and fire dancing. He is also the Artistic Director of the National Stilt walkers of Canada who are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2021

Photo of Pat Galbraith Pat Galbraith
Photo of Eileen Heidler Eileen Heidler
No Photo Available Elena Lukawiecki
Photo of Barbara Marcinkoski Barbara Marcinkoski Director – Ice and Snow, Newsletter
Photo of Jeremy McConville Jeremy McConville
Photo of Robert Woodbury Robert Woodbury Vice President

A diverse artist and performer, Robert began sculpting ice and snow in 2005. Now an expert at 3d Printing and prosthesis for theatre he delves into natural textures and pop media as inspiration.