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Photo of Darcy Hoover Darcy Hoover

Darcy is an Alberta artist, born in and still living and working in Edmonton.

Darcy’s artistic style shows a strong preference for simplicity of line and shape, and a careful use of colour and detail. Her work is nostalgic without romanticizing the past, and her intent is to capture the feelings of a moment in time.…

Photo of Wes Leonard Wes Leonard

Wes Leonard is a journeyman machinist by day and a metal artist by night based out of Spruce Grove, Alberta. He is a self taught welder specializing in welded and stainless steel, cast bronze, and cast aluminum.

Some of Wes’ work can be seen at Rowles and Company Ltd in Edmonton.

Photo of Laura Ouimet Laura Ouimet

Laura has been making wire Art to sell for almost 6 years. She loves the versatility of her chosen medium of wire and you’ll often find recycled and found materials in her Art.

Laura loves to share her craft and offers classes for all ages. With a background in Education, Laura’s passion is to provide Enrichment in the Arts by offering in-School Field Trips as well as Art sessions with seniors groups.…

Photo of Jake Vanderwerf Jake Vanderwerf

My name is Jake, and I am a full-time mixed media artist living and creating in Edmonton, Alberta. My primary medium is copper, but also work with cement, stone, and other metal.

I get inspired by the flora and fauna in the natural and fantastical worlds. I love attempting to capture the feeling of connection I get walking barefoot through the mossy woodland, interacting with a majestic beast or when that whimsical critter lands on your finger, or the discovery of your favourite plant or fungus friend in unexpected spaces.…