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I have strenuously pursued my figurative and portrait art career for the last 25 years, within the constraints of working part and full time as a chef with a passion for handmade food. I have worked to the goal of spending always more time on my art practice and been fortunate in being able to do that full-time some years.

The human body is my passion to explore in paint and clay. My mark making is expressive, additive and subtractive, primitive and representational with romantic gestures. The single figurative form expresses, for me, the fullness of being and the loneliness of a single mind, separated from the herd.

I want to see how the human body informs our desires, beliefs and behaviours. The body unclothed, vulnerable, expresses best the fleeting expressions of the mind and soul. A portrait of the fragments of a life is often hidden but can be portrayed in line and colour and shape.

Clay, oil paint, soft pastels and charcoal are my favourite mediums. I have also done snow carving, and cement sculpture