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Affiliations Active Member, Clay, Metal, Wood
Website: wiebeandbjerand.ca


Growing up on the prairies I always had creative juices running through my veins. To my parents dismay I became an expert with cardboard and my Dad’s supply of masking tape. My artistic journey would take a delay however as I enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Navy on Submarines. Following my Honourable Discharge from the military my childhood dreams were realize when I attended Art School at Red Deer College in 1988-1990 and engaged on a life long adventure. In College I discovered the world of Steel and Clay. I never looked back. In addition; at Red Deer ; I met and married my best friend and artist partner; Leila Bjerland; in 1990. During my time at Red Deer College I had the pleasure to work at the Works Visual Arts Festival for several years. The experience and exposure to the Edmonton art culture continues to influence me. Following College I continued my art education at the University of Calgary; Majoring in Sculpture. In 1992, we moved to the Badlands settling in Nacmine Alberta where we raised our family and continue our Art making practice. Through my creations I enjoy exploring social and political avenues. Who knows where it might go. People; regardless of ideology; have the right and privilege to be heard in this wonderful country of ours. Their behaviour and attitudes are directly linked to this belief system. Our opinions and the stand we take on any given issue is a direct result of our life experience and it is all valid. The problem is; so often the case; we are so busy banging our own pots that we do not take the time nor the courtesy nor respect others and what they wish to express. We need to listen more. This is why we have two ears and only one mouth. As difficult as it is, I try not to take sides nor offer opinions instead offer a starting point to actively engage in conversation. Only through this process can we ever expect to reach a common goal and bright future for all. I am still using cardboard and masking tape however my Dad refuses to supply the tape.