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Darcy Hoover

Affiliations Active Member, Wire, Wood
Website: https://inherownimagestudio.com/


Darcy is an Alberta artist, born in and still living and working in Edmonton.

Darcy’s artistic style shows a strong preference for simplicity of line and shape, and a careful use of colour and detail. Her work is nostalgic without romanticizing the past, and her intent is to capture the feelings of a moment in time.

Darcy works in every medium she can afford but has a special love of fibre arts. Her interest in fibre and fabric started early when as a little girl she picked up a needle to stitch clothes for her dolls, and continued into her high school art projects where she stitched bits of fabric into post-card landscapes. Darcy is self-taught in all the arts, but has been inspired to pursue the fibre arts in particular by generations of women, including but not limited to her mother, aunts, and grandmothers.

Darcy recently won 3rd prize in the Sculptural Works category of the Focus on Fibre Art Association’s 2020: Future in Focus Competition.

In addition to her fledgling art venture, Darcy works both as an arts administrator and communication consultant in the Edmonton Arts and Culture community.