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David Swojanovski

Website: http://www.rubble-road.com


I started my enjoyment of rocks and minerals as a teen when my family moved to Bancroft, Ontario which is the mineral capital of North America. Lived there during my teens into my early 20’s. Worked at a granite quarry in Havelock, Ontario for almost 5 years, leaving as a lead hand, doing everything from drilling, blasting and distribution of monument sized granite, as well as handling custom landscaping needs.

Moved to Alberta about 2001 and have been here since. Started a job at Bedrock Supply as a sales staff, got interested in gem cutting through John Shire and spent a lot of time with him for a few years. After he passed I began identifying and cutting harder stone for the store’s jeweller customers and did this for approximately 8 years or so… cutting everything from amber to repolishing diamonds… I then took a soapstone class offered by talented artist Ted Griffiths and was inspired, with support from my lovely wife we began to start a soapstone kit company, focused on others creating their own lasting art!

We have been creating and learning a lot as we continue working together over the last ten years, I think that we have both benefited and grown as artists and entrepreneurs during this time.