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Fran’s career as a sculptor has encompassed a wide variety of experience, including working in stone, clay, snow, concrete, ice, fiberglass and bronze. She has achieved recognition as an art educator, highest honours in competition, project leadership, demonstration, competition judging and numerous solo and group exhibitions. A lifetime learner with boundless energy, Fran has a Master’s Degree in Art Education. She has attended numerous art classes from the University of Alberta -Faculty of Extension, Red Deer College, and the Banff Centre, where she focused her studies on painting and sculpture. She also passed on her knowledge as art instructor for many years.Competition and fascinating cultural exchanges have enticed Fran into demonstrating her talent as a sculptor in the international, national and local ice and snow events in Japan, China, Alaska, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Lake Louise, Edmonton and many other locations. She has exhibited her work in public galleries such as the McMullen Gallery, Harcourt House Gallery, Front Gallery, and Willock & Sax Gallery in Banff.