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Lloyd Giebelhaus

Website: www.rowles.ca


Lloyd Giebelhaus is an Albertan, born and raised on a farm near Vegreville, but has resided near the small community of Sangudo for the past 50 years. Lloyd has always been involved in agriculture, however, as he neared retirement felt that he could not chase cows forever, therefore deciding to take up a hobby. Lloyd has always been interested in woodworking and any skills requiring some imagination and use of his hands. So why not try soapstone carving.

Lloyd enrolled in a course offered by the Devonian Botanic Garden and instructed by Allan Waidman. Lloyd enjoyed the first course so much that he enrolled in a second one a few months later. The excellent instruction provided by Allan Waidman, along with a little practice has enabled Lloyd to develop his carving skills. Bears are Lloyd’s favorite carving subject; however, he hopes to develop skill in the carving of eagles and other creatures.
Lloyd’s knowledge regarding the anatomy of animals (specifically cattle) provides him with the ability to carve with a sense of motion and realism.

Lloyd roughs out a stone with an electric drill, hammer and wood chisel and then files, rasps and sands to obtain a smooth finish. Finally, the carving is finished through the application of numerous coats of tung oil. The carvings vary in color, with the final color being determined upon the application of the tung oil.

Lloyd’s carvings are available through Rowles & Company Ltd (www.rowles.ca) or by contacting him directly.