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Right from the crayon eating days to the present, Scott has tried his hand at a variety of mediums in the visual arts. A hobby that he’s maintained throughout the years, it’s been an enjoyable off the clock outlet. With more than two decades of experience in Alberta’s oil and gas industry as a journeyman B-pressure welder, one might think that at some point he’d put 2 and 2 together and combine his personal and professional pursuits. Well in the quite lull of the covid-era, that’s what finally happened! Starting off with a handful of loose nuts, bolts, washers and his trusty Lincoln tombstone welder the first small projects came to life. Fast-forward 2 years of garage-time tinkering, head-scratchers and happy accidents things have started to take shape. Using mostly scrap that has been kindly donated by friends in various industries and tweaking the process and tooling with each build, Scott found himself participating in the Alberta craft council’s Albirda exibit, his first show! A wonderful milestone in this scrap metal journey.