Ice/ Snow

Ice and snow  sculpture is an important part of the The Sculptors’ Association of Alberta (SAA) mandate. The SAA ice and snow sculpture program includes: commissions, demonstrations, competitions, symposiums and workshops in numerous events throughout Alberta (Silver Skate Festival, the Strathcona New Years Eve Celebration, Ice on Whyte and Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival and many more….)

SAA ice and snow sculptors have become part of a vibrant culture which allows artists to meet, exchange experience and techniques. Individual or a team of artists work (together) creating often monumental sculpture. Creating ice and snow sculpture allows artists to realise their work quickly in scale that would normally not be available to most sculptors. Because the work is created in a public space, usually during a winter event, they are unique opportunities for artist to interrelate with the public. In a sense it is a performance which ultimately helps the creators and the public to understand the process of making art.

SAA members, individually and collectively, have successfully participated in numerous competition, symposiums and events provincially, nationally and internationally (Edmonton, Lake Louise, Canmore, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Whitehorse,Harbin, Sapporo USA…)

Ice and snow sculpture is becoming an important part of the artistic and cultural scene in our province. With more than thirty years of expertise the SAA continues to play a major role in the facilitation of this art form. It is also a rare opportunity to exchange techniques and ideas between artists locally and from around the world.

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