Photo of Rosemary Ayvazzadeh-Smith Rosemary Ayvazzadeh-Smith

Early in her childhood, Rosemary showed a talent and interest in natural forms of beauty. Focusing on painting and sculptures, art enabled her to create beauty from a blank canvass, no matter the material/surface. Rosemary’s love for rocks and fossils took her on a 20-year journey to express her art through mediums such as stone, clay, metal, glass, ice, and snow.

Photo of Laval Bergeron Laval Bergeron

I was visiting a friend who had just returned from competing in China in 1992. We weregoing through pictures and when we came across the snow sculptures, I was totally amazed.

I asked my friend to come to St. Isidore to show us how to carve snow sculpture and since then, I have never looked back.…

No Photo Available Patrick (Pat) Bidwell
Photo of Bonnie Bigley Bonnie Bigley

I have strenuously pursued my figurative and portrait art career for the last 25 years, within the constraints of working part and full time as a chef with a passion for handmade food. I have worked to the goal of spending always more time on my art practice and been fortunate in being able to do that full-time some years.…

Photo of Leila Bjerland Leila Bjerland

Originally from Saskatchewan Where I spent my youth riding horses, playing sports and pursued as a hobby. I had the honour of being on National Field Hockey Team: Saskatchewan Saskatoon Falcons. My sporting career was short lived and an admirer of my painting pointed me to Red Deer College Art School. In 1987 – 1990 I attended the art program at Red Deer College and where I met my Husband; Daniel Wiebe.…

Photo of Morton Burke Morton Burke

Morton Burke has lived in the Sundre and Bergen area most of his life. His interest in sculpting began with ice and snow sculptures on personal and community events. He began working in stone in 2005 when he was invited to participate in a symposium in Okotoks, Alberta. Since then, he has participated in 6 international symposia and his sculptures are installed in Vietnam, Russia, Canada, and Korea.…

Photo of Debra Cameron-Laninga Debra Cameron-Laninga

I am a rural Albertan, woman sculptor. I had careers as a commercial pilot, overseas mission pilot in Papua New Guinea, took time off to care for my parents during their final illnesses, and I managed a provincial charity supporting family caregivers. I have seen and heard terrible things in my personal and professional life including deep grief, hardship, exploitation, discrimination and conflict.…

Photo of Carrie Carbol Carrie Carbol

Carrie is an Edmonton-born artist and silversmith and founded Two Carrots Studio in 2015.  Working alongside three other artists in Strathearn, her artistic practice shifts between jewelry and small sculptural pieces. Her tabletop art is an extension of her jewelry work, incorporating copper, silver, bronze, vitreous enamels, wood, stone, and found objects.

Her career in metals started with a simple evening class many years ago.…

Photo of Carroll Charest Carroll Charest Interim Exhibitions Director

Carroll is a fine artist who creates and shows her works in the greater Edmonton area.  Carroll experienced many art fields while attending Alberta College of Art & Design from regular painting and drawing to sculpture, glass blowing, metalsmithing, and jewelry making, graduating from their 4-year Diploma Program with distinction by winning the Heritage Travel Scholarship Award in 1988 & 1989.…

Photo of Stephen Chung Stephen Chung

Stephen Chung is a Red Seal chef that has cooked all over the world including Belgium, Hong Kong, and Holland. As of 2021, he has ice and snow carved for 31 years and says that he’s still in love with it as if it was the first day.

Photo of Jennifer Cornelius Jennifer Cornelius

Jennifer Cornelius is an Alberta born artist who takes her inspiration from natures balance in the modern world. Jennifer grew up watching her grandfathers passion for nature carving as he competitively carved song birds. In her own work she observes how nature is in a state of change and explores how animals emerge into a new space or how they change and adapt to survive in the modern world.…

Photo of Cameron Crawshaw Cameron Crawshaw

Cameron Crawshaw is a self-taught artist based in Edmonton, Alberta where he was born and raised.  Although he has no formal art training, he has been sculpting with polymer clay for about 10 years. Cameron is a new and emerging sculptor and has only recently begun showing off his pieces to the public.

Photo of Fran Cuyler Fran Cuyler

Fran’s career as a sculptor has encompassed a wide variety of experience, including working in stone, clay, snow, concrete, ice, fiberglass and bronze. She has achieved recognition as an art educator, highest honours in competition, project leadership, demonstration, competition judging and numerous solo and group exhibitions. A lifetime learner with boundless energy, Fran has a Master’s Degree in Art Education.…

Photo of YiYi Datar YiYi Datar Treasurer
Photo of Christian Denis Christian Denis
Photo of Sally Fairhead Sally Fairhead

I was born and raised in Edmonton and have lived in Devon for over thirteen years.

I have always felt a deep connection to nature and the earth, so clay is the perfect medium for my art. Our family jokes that my two favourite pastimes, gardening and pottery, let me get as muddy as I want.…

Photo of Warren Finlay Warren Finlay
Photo of Randall Fraser Randall Fraser

Randall Fraser is an Alberta artist with over 35 years of multi-disciplinary creativity. With a background in theatre set, props, costumes, and lighting, as well as carving wood, stone, ice and snow, as well as fire sculpting and fire dancing. He is also the Artistic Director of the National Stilt walkers of Canada who are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2021

Photo of Pat Galbraith Pat Galbraith
Photo of Tania Garner-Tomas Tania Garner-Tomas
Photo of Lloyd Giebelhaus Lloyd Giebelhaus

Lloyd Giebelhaus is an Albertan, born and raised on a farm near Vegreville, but has resided near the small community of Sangudo for the past 50 years. Lloyd has always been involved in agriculture, however, as he neared retirement felt that he could not chase cows forever, therefore deciding to take up a hobby. Lloyd has always been interested in woodworking and any skills requiring some imagination and use of his hands.…

No Photo Available Ravi Gill
Photo of Edmund Haakonson Edmund Haakonson

I was raised on a farm in the county of Lacombe in central Alberta, Canada. It is a place where the soil is rich and life is simple. It is a place to be grounded and centred, a place to learn patience. It is there that I learned to anticipate the smell of the earth coming back to life in the spring.…

Photo of Zazo Hajdu † Zazo Hajdu,

Lajos “Zazo” Hajdu †

May 17, 1940 – February 27, 2021

Zazo passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of February 27, 2021. He was predeceased by his wife of 60 years, Gabriella.

Zazo was born in Nyiregyháza, Hungary. He attained a Masters Degree in Agrology Engineering with a Specialized Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from the Agrology University of Gödöllõ, Hungary, and a Degree in Fine Arts from Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta.…

Photo of Eileen Heidler Eileen Heidler
Photo of Roy Hinz Roy Hinz

Canadian Wildlife Artist, Roy Hinz, creates unique stone sculptures from his studio located in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The Canadian Wilderness has always been a natural part of Roy’s life and it is the primary focus of his work expressed in pieces of surprising detail, realism and power.

Roy has received recognition for his works of art which include being awarded “Best of Show-3D Artist” (Artist’s Studios, Calgary Stampede) as well as juried into the Western Art Auction (Calgary Stampede).…

Photo of Darcy Hoover Darcy Hoover

Darcy is an Alberta artist, born in and still living and working in Edmonton.

Darcy’s artistic style shows a strong preference for simplicity of line and shape, and a careful use of colour and detail. Her work is nostalgic without romanticizing the past, and her intent is to capture the feelings of a moment in time.…

Photo of Bryan Jackson Bryan Jackson

I started sculpting (carving) in wood about 40 years ago. Mostly small projects that added a bit of flair to my cabinet projects. About four years ago I started dabbling in clay and soapstone. I’m hooked now. Clay fascinates me. Its ability to capture the subtlest marks is amazing. I’ve also become a huge fan of Monday night sculpture sessions, at least when they return.…

Photo of Karen Klassen Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen is an Edmonton based full timemixed media mosaic artist.She is passionate about rocks and minerals and draws inspiration from the Rocky Mountains.Karen loves using a variety of material in her art. The use of tile, rocks, minerals, industrial and recycled metal, driftwood and shale create a highly textured and dimensional art that are so compelling, touching her artwork is encouraged.Karen continues to create art, sculpture and public art, locally and at The Avens Gallery in Canmore.

Photo of Keith Kobylka Keith Kobylka

Keith Kobylka was born and raised in Edmonton. He discovered his love of art early, attending Harry Ainlay High School, and attended ACAD in Calgary. After college he began working as a newsroom illustrator for the Edmonton Journal later transitioning to graphic/layout artist at the newspaper. Recently embarking on the process of sculpting, Keith is continuing to learn and develop his various mediums and is excited to explore this new creative venture.

Photo of Beata Kurpinski Beata Kurpinski
Photo of Wes Leonard Wes Leonard

Wes Leonard is a journeyman machinist by day and a metal artist by night based out of Spruce Grove, Alberta. He is a self taught welder specializing in welded and stainless steel, cast bronze, and cast aluminum.

Some of Wes’ work can be seen at Rowles and Company Ltd in Edmonton.

Photo of Shelley Leroux Shelley Leroux

Shelly Leroux is a visual artist and educator based in Edmonton, Alberta. Leroux completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kwantlen University (2012) and a Bachelor of Education degree from Simon Fraser University (2014), where she majored in Fine Arts Education and minored in Environmental Education. Shelly Leroux is working at Victoria School of the Arts teaching in the high school visual arts department with a focus in the ceramics program.…

No Photo Available Elena Lukawiecki
Photo of Barbara Marcinkoski Barbara Marcinkoski Director – Ice and Snow, Newsletter
Photo of Jennifer Martineau-Lang Jennifer Martineau-Lang

Jennifer was born and raised in rural Alberta. She was greatly influenced by her family’s love of nature. Growing up, Jennifer spent time learning from her grandmother and parents about foraging for wild edible plants and it has become a lifelong passion. She utilizes sustainably sourced natural materials such as moss and tree bark to create highly textured works of art inspired by Alberta’s beautiful landscapes.

Photo of Jeremy McConville Jeremy McConville
Photo of Kay McCormack Kay McCormack

Starting with local community classes in pottery, then watercolor painting and now learning more about acrylics, Kay’s present passion is soapstone carving and Clay sculpture. Her prior career took her into Veterinary medicine as an Animal Health Technologist and clinic manager. Her pets, dogs, horses and wildlife have played a large part in her personal and professional life.…

Photo of Brian Menegozzo Brian Menegozzo
Photo of Sharon Moore-Foster Sharon Moore-Foster

I love to learn and am lucky enough to be surrounded by many friends and family members who celebrate and encourage that learning as well as assist with the more pragmatic details of life. Thank you all very much. Art is a process, as is life. You acquire new bits of information and integrate them with the old, as well as sur- render to the present with a bizarre sense of, “Okay, let’s go.” I communicate through various media: The steel is raw, unfinished strong industrial material.…

No Photo Available Elaine Mulder
Photo of Vicki Myers Vicki Myers
Photo of Gerry Nason Gerry Nason

Gerry Nason is an artist and a sculptor who operated a successful graphics studio in Edmonton, Alberta for 20 years until 1980. He is one of the original members of the SAA.

Gerry Nason’s formal education includes 7 years of apprenticeship in the Graphic Arts and 3 years of evening courses in Fine Arts at the University of Alberta.…

Photo of Shawn Olander Shawn Olander Interim Director – Workshops, Newsletter

I grew up in Ft. McMurray in the 70’s, when there was not a lot to do. My father took us to a secret spot in the woods to observe the bears. We did this often. Our entertainment was the wildlife, and I developed a love for bears that will last a lifetime.

I sculpt bears from clay because of the great memories I have of the bears I loved in the wild and it brings back fond memories of my childhood

I experiment with different types of clays, glazes and techniques.…

Photo of Beverly Oliwa Beverly Oliwa

At age of 60 I have claimed my title as an artist. Working with a medium that allowed me to follow my original passion of working with fabrics. I was a seamstress in in past years and love the feel and textures of fabric.

The medium I work with allows me to take fabric to drape and sculpt with it to create amazing art, safe to be out doors.…

Photo of Ivano Ongaro Ivano Ongaro

Ivano was born in Italy and emigrated to Canada with his parents at the age of six. From an early age he was passionate about art and science. Although sciences dominated his formal education, his passion for art was never satisfied. The Renaissance Masters drew his attention and he studied their works and methods which resulted in his pursuit of figurative sculpture as he approached middle age.…

Photo of Laura Ouimet Laura Ouimet

Laura has been making wire Art to sell for almost 6 years. She loves the versatility of her chosen medium of wire and you’ll often find recycled and found materials in her Art.

Laura loves to share her craft and offers classes for all ages. With a background in Education, Laura’s passion is to provide Enrichment in the Arts by offering in-School Field Trips as well as Art sessions with seniors groups.…

Photo of Gordon Pengilly Gordon Pengilly

I have been a playwright for all of my adult life. I have a firm grasp of the artist’s life and I cherish it. Exploration of the human condition through artistic creation is what it’s always been about for me. My other enduring passion in life is sculpting. Rodin observed that the interplay between subject and material in sculpture necessarily invokes sensuality.…

Photo of Herman H Poulin Herman H Poulin Members at Large

Close to four decades of public art, Herman has touched people, communities and schools by promoting his talent.

Born in 1950, and second child in a family of eleven, he was born in Quebec and in 1953, his family moved to St. Edouard (County of St. Paul). In 1977, he established his family business (HuB Designs) by making concrete and cedar signs, golf furniture, bronze monuments, sculptures and awards.…

Photo of Patricia (Pat) Prodaniuk Patricia (Pat) Prodaniuk
Photo of Wanda Resek Wanda Resek

Wanda Resekis a Sturgeon County based artist who works mainly in sculpting and oil painting. Wanda graduated from the University of Alberta, Fine Arts Certificate program in 2006. She continues to study art through Harcourt House Art Centre, Leading Edge Workshops locally and throughout the province. From the first impulse forward, the process of art making, with all its layers, keep Wanda intrigued.…

Photo of Rubble Road Soapstone Kits Rubble Road Soapstone Kits

Jennifer Cornelius is an Alberta born artist who takes her inspiration from natures balance in the modern world. Jennifer grew up watching her grandfathers passion for nature carving as he competitively carved song birds. In her own work she observes how nature is in a state of change and explores how animals emerge into a new space or how they change and adapt to survive in the modern world.…

Photo of Bhumi Rupareliya Bhumi Rupareliya
Photo of Ruby Serben Ruby Serben

Ruby is an Edmonton based Potter who is passionate about carbon-trapped Shino glazes,  pushing the boundaries of firing in a gas kiln.  Shino is one of the oldest glazes and demands diligence and patience to perfect.  Colours will vary from thick, milky white, orange, rust, peach, red, gold, and charcoal grey spotting with variations of black carbon trapping. 

Photo of Ellie Shuster Ellie Shuster President

Ellie Shuster’s first love is portraiture – working from photographs she sculpts original portraits in clay, casting each piece in cold-cast bronze or colourful resin in her Edmonton studio. Some works become “fractured faces” as she uses her molds in unconventional ways.

As a ceramic artist Ellie is exploring the intersection between pottery and sculpture, which is leading her to discover the humour and delight in this newer artistic endeavour.…

Photo of Bill Skelly Bill Skelly

Bill Skelly is a lifetime Member.

Photo of Janet Smith Janet Smith

Janet Smith is a figurative sculptor working primarily with the medium of clay since around 2010. More recently, sculptures have been created using the medium of concrete and wire mesh. She has participated in various art shows at Harcourt House where she is also one of the monitors for the sculpture drop-in sessions.

Photo of Angie Sotiropoulos Angie Sotiropoulos

Angie Sotiropoulos is a visual artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her formal training is as a
Props Artisan and Scenic Painter for theatre at Macewan College (now university), she has
been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. In her art practice, she is a
sculptor and watercolour painter that puts storytelling and world building at the centre of her

Photo of Eric Spoeth Eric Spoeth
Photo of David Swojanovski David Swojanovski

I started my enjoyment of rocks and minerals as a teen when my family moved to Bancroft, Ontario which is the mineral capital of North America. Lived there during my teens into my early 20’s. Worked at a granite quarry in Havelock, Ontario for almost 5 years, leaving as a lead hand, doing everything from drilling, blasting and distribution of monument sized granite, as well as handling custom landscaping needs.…

Photo of Steele Tolman Steele Tolman

I am new to sculpting this year and started in February to make a coffee table with some cedar beams and do some shaping.  What I ended up with is a piece called “the cradle of life” with a 450 million year old fossil at the center.

Photo of Keith Turnbull Keith Turnbull Director – Programming

Following a long career in public library and cultural administration,Keith now works primarily as a ceramic and cement sculptor. He specializes in figurative sculpture, both people and animals. He has participated in public art projects and group shows,and holds an annual fall show and sale at his home studio

No Photo Available Scott Van De Sande

Right from the crayon eating days to the present, Scott has tried his hand at a variety of mediums in the visual arts. A hobby that he’s maintained throughout the years, it’s been an enjoyable off the clock outlet. With more than two decades of experience in Alberta’s oil and gas industry as a journeyman B-pressure welder, one might think that at some point he’d put 2 and 2 together and combine his personal and professional pursuits.…

Photo of Jake Vanderwerf Jake Vanderwerf

My name is Jake, and I am a full-time mixed media artist living and creating in Edmonton, Alberta. My primary medium is copper, but also work with cement, stone, and other metal.

I get inspired by the flora and fauna in the natural and fantastical worlds. I love attempting to capture the feeling of connection I get walking barefoot through the mossy woodland, interacting with a majestic beast or when that whimsical critter lands on your finger, or the discovery of your favourite plant or fungus friend in unexpected spaces.…

Photo of Ritchie Velthuis Ritchie Velthuis

“Art  processes build cultures of collaboration and creativity. Part of my legacy has been to create community driven and interactive art.”  Ritchie Velthuis is a visual artist whose focus has been primarily sculpture in various mediums including ice and snow, clay, cement, found/recycled material and most recently bronze. His dedication to refining his craft was rewarded with Edmonton’s SCTV monument, Bob and Doug MacKenzie.

Photo of Doug Warren Doug Warren
Photo of Dan Wiebe Dan Wiebe

Growing up on the prairies I always had creative juices running through my veins. To my parents dismay I became an expert with cardboard and my Dad’s supply of masking tape. My artistic journey would take a delay however as I enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Navy on Submarines. Following my Honourable Discharge from the military my childhood dreams were realize when I attended Art School at Red Deer College in 1988-1990 and engaged on a life long adventure.…

Photo of Lisa Wilkinson Lisa Wilkinson

I have coupled my love of clay with my training as a wildlife biologist to create realistic, and sometimes stylized, sculptures of indigenous wildlife and habitats. I favour raku firing because it is an exciting and unpredictable process that creates unique finishes (and sometimes disasters!).

Photo of Robert Woodbury Robert Woodbury Vice President

A diverse artist and performer, Robert began sculpting ice and snow in 2005. Now an expert at 3d Printing and prosthesis for theatre he delves into natural textures and pop media as inspiration.

Photo of Heinz Zadler Heinz Zadler

Year round, Heinz sculpts with wood. In the winter he enjoys being outside sculpting in ice and snow and competing in a variety of local and provincial competitions. Heinz is a long-standing member of the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta and the NorthernAlberta Woodworking Association.