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Photo of Vicki Myers Vicki Myers
Photo of Beverly Oliwa Beverly Oliwa

At age of 60 I have claimed my title as an artist. Working with a medium that allowed me to follow my original passion of working with fabrics. I was a seamstress in in past years and love the feel and textures of fabric.

The medium I work with allows me to take fabric to drape and sculpt with it to create amazing art, safe to be out doors.…

Photo of Laura Ouimet Laura Ouimet

Laura has been making wire Art to sell for almost 6 years. She loves the versatility of her chosen medium of wire and you’ll often find recycled and found materials in her Art.

Laura loves to share her craft and offers classes for all ages. With a background in Education, Laura’s passion is to provide Enrichment in the Arts by offering in-School Field Trips as well as Art sessions with seniors groups.…