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Photo of Leila Bjerland Leila Bjerland

Originally from Saskatchewan Where I spent my youth riding horses, playing sports and pursued as a hobby. I had the honour of being on National Field Hockey Team: Saskatchewan Saskatoon Falcons. My sporting career was short lived and an admirer of my painting pointed me to Red Deer College Art School. In 1987 – 1990 I attended the art program at Red Deer College and where I met my Husband; Daniel Wiebe.…

Photo of Jennifer Martineau-Lang Jennifer Martineau-Lang

Jennifer was born and raised in rural Alberta. She was greatly influenced by her family’s love of nature. Growing up, Jennifer spent time learning from her grandmother and parents about foraging for wild edible plants and it has become a lifelong passion. She utilizes sustainably sourced natural materials such as moss and tree bark to create highly textured works of art inspired by Alberta’s beautiful landscapes.

Photo of Vicki Myers Vicki Myers
Photo of Angie Sotiropoulos Angie Sotiropoulos

Angie Sotiropoulos is a visual artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her formal training is as a
Props Artisan and Scenic Painter for theatre at Macewan College (now university), she has
been working in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. In her art practice, she is a
sculptor and watercolour painter that puts storytelling and world building at the centre of her

Photo of Jake Vanderwerf Jake Vanderwerf

My name is Jake, and I am a full-time mixed media artist living and creating in Edmonton, Alberta. My primary medium is copper, but also work with cement, stone, and other metal.

I get inspired by the flora and fauna in the natural and fantastical worlds. I love attempting to capture the feeling of connection I get walking barefoot through the mossy woodland, interacting with a majestic beast or when that whimsical critter lands on your finger, or the discovery of your favourite plant or fungus friend in unexpected spaces.…

Photo of Robert Woodbury Robert Woodbury Vice President

A diverse artist and performer, Robert began sculpting ice and snow in 2005. Now an expert at 3d Printing and prosthesis for theatre he delves into natural textures and pop media as inspiration.